Pura vida

Uvita beach, where I take surf lessons

Uvita, Costa Rica. Km 6.607


Pura Vida… ‘Pure life’… In Costa Rica these two words are everything. They could be the name of the hotel, or the restaurant, or the supermarket… Costaricans (also known as ‘ticos’) say each other all time as a greeting, goodbye or thank you. As a newcomer to Costa Rica, Pura Vida was meaningless to me at the beginning, but as I went deeper in Ticos’ way of life, it means a lot. Costa Rica has appealing, it could be the awesome beaches, the sweet weather, the juggles, or how people integrate and interacts, nobody looks out of place, poverty and unemployment seem to be unknown. Landscapes are always beautiful. Everybody seem to enjoy life here. It is a matter of fact that many people enter as a tourists once and… just stay here for years. In my trip I met a lot of foreigners (some of them Spanish) that came and many months or years later, some of them as regular residents, some irregulars under tourist umbrella, which makes them to leave Costa Rica every three months for a few days, and come back later to make their passport stamped for another three month tourist permit.

Me for instance, I crossed the previous three countries in ten days, but right now I have been for more than two weeks in Costa Rica, enjoying life in a beautiful beach, where the palm trees and the jungle meet the waves of the Pacific Ocean. One reason for overstaying here is the surf lessons I am taking, with very little success so far. To jump to a standing position, and keep the balance on the board is not done as easy as it looks. But people from Aragon are tenacious people.